Lacy Ladder Blanket

This is a simple stitch that works up quickly and is nice and light for the smaller baby. You could change the yarn, hook size number of starting chain to vary the size of the finished article.

I used 4ply yarn and an E hook (3.5mm) and began with 91 (fairly loose) chain. This gave me a 17” wide blanket, which ended up 18” square when I’d added a shell border. I worked the blanket in one shade, but you could stripe it in different pastel shades to use up oddments if you prefer.

Work 91 chain, [or any multiple of 6 + 1]

Foundation row:
Work 3 trebles into the 4th chain from the hook. Miss 2 chain then work 1 double into the next chain, 2 chain, * miss 2 chain, 3 treble into next chain, miss 2 chain, double into next chain, 2 chain; repeat from * to the end of the row, ending with a double into the last chain. Chain 3 turn.

Pattern row:
3 trebles into the first double. Miss 2 trebles then 1 double into the next treble, 2 chain; repeat from * to the end of the row, ending with 1 double into the last treble. Chain 3 turn.

Repeat this pattern row until the piece of work is the desired length – I wanted my blanket to be square, so worked for 17”. Fasten off, and work a border if required. I find a simple shell border, or just a couple of rounds of doubles, neatens up the edges well, and makes the piece look “finished”


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