CUDDLES Hooded WrapT

Cuddles Hooded Wrap

This little wrap is suitable for just the tiniest babies, so should be worked in a fine yarn.

Using 3 ply or 4 ply and a 3.0mm or 3.5mm hook, make a simple granny square to measure 12"/30cm.

Break off the yarn.

Using the same yarn make a triangle which will eventually form the "hood".

Start as if you are making another square, but work just 2 blocks of 3 treble instead of the usual 4. Turn

2nd row: Chain 4, 3 treble, 2 chain, 3 treble into the space between the blocks on the foundation row, then 1 treble into the end treble. This should have formed 2 more spaces. Turn.

3rd row: 3 chain, 3 treble into 1st space, 3 treble, 2chain, 3 treble into corner space, 3 treble into next space, 1 treble into last treble, turn.

4th row: 3 treble into 1st space, 3 treble into next space, 3 treble, 2chain, 3 treble into corner space, 3 treble into each of next 2 spaces, treble into end treble to form a space.

You will see how this is building up a triangular shape. Continue to increase in this way until you have a triangle which measures 3"/8 cm on the short sides. Break off yarn. Place the triangle on top of one corner of the square, so that the right angles match, wrong sides together.

Work a row of double crochet around the square, catching in the triangle when you reach it – this makes it form a little "pocket", which will be the hood.

Work a second row of double crochet after the first; this time missing out the corner where the "pocket" is attached, and working across the sloping edge of the pocket – this means all the edges have a row of double crochet. If you'd like to add a lacy edging that's fine, if not a 3rd row of double crochet will just finish it off tidily.


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