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Trebles+V's Premature Baby Blanket

This is quick to grow, and looks nice in 4 ply for the smaller babies. The same number of chain would give a slightly larger blanket if worked in double knitting.

Chain a Multiple of 10 plus 4.
[Try 94 for about 18” square, E/F (3.5mm/4mm) hook and 4 ply]

Foundation Row:
1 tr. in 3rd chain from Hook, 1 tr. in next Chain *Skip 3 chains, in next chain work V group (2tr., Ch 2, 2tr.), Skip 3 chains 1 tr. in each of the next 3 Chains*
Repeat * to end, Chain 2, Turn

Row 1:
Skip 1st tr. (base of turning chain), 1 tr. in each of the next 2 tr. *Work V Group under chain 2 of V Group. 1 tr. in each of the next 3 single tr.*
Repeat * to end ending 1 tr. in last 2 tr., 1 tr. in each of the last 2 tr., Chain 2, Turn.

Repeat Row 1 for pattern until desired length.

Optional Border: When you have reached the desired length, continue working the pattern down the sides and the bottom edge. Be sure to space out the pattern and work the V group into the corners. This will give the whole piece a wavy border.

Fasten off.


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