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CUDDLES NEWSLETTER Theme August 2000 It is hard to believe that CUDDLES is now a year old, and what a year we have had! First of all we want to that all the wonderful friends out there that have been working so hard for CUDDLES and have sent us all the beautiful blankets, baby clothes and teddies. This year we have managed to send donations to ELEVEN UK maternity units. These are the items we have sent so far. 64 Cardigans 6 Jumpers 13 Mittens 83 Booties 191 Blankets 211 Hats 7 Gowns 21 Teddies 4 Suits 4 Miscellaneous 10 Starter boxes containing blankets, booties, hats, jumpers and cardigans. THANK YOU EVERYONE, we couldn’t have done it without your help. The future for CUDDLES. We are looking forward to our second year and have several plans. One is to have a fund raising evening in the autumn. We hope to sell some crafts such as Christmas decorations and small gifts to raise money for CUDDLES to help us continue our work. CUDDLES is for us a labour of love, but as you can imagine, is a drain on finances. For example, each 20 blankets cost £4.15 to post. If anyone has any ideas for fundraising, craft items we could sell or feels like making a small financial donation, we would love to hear from you. If anyone would like further information, links to patterns or any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We still need your help. We are still in need of any items and sizes of baby clothes and blankets to continue our work, but at this present time we are most in need of gowns/dresses/boys outfits for our smallest angels and also blankets from 18 to 24 inch size. Also any baby yarn, buttons, ribbon or UK postage stamps. Feedback We have had some wonderful feedback from the parents that have received our donations and also from the hospital staff involved, both by letter and word of mouth. This makes it all the hard work worthwhile, to know that all of us working together are making a difference. Thank you all again so much. Love and best wishes, Jacky and Jill. ‘Cuddles’ PO BOX 1360, Armthorpe, Doncaster. DN3 3GN. UK CUDDLES PUZZLE B E D V J N X S S K E S M G D Q O T U W V T E N P H F M S H O L O R U E S E A L C M I W E H Z B T K R W F G N S S U D P W P N N I I N O I D F T X X T E C A D T E G O D R F A I E O W L R C Q D S U R E B H D U X B W D V O N U L A S I D O V S M I T T E N S W C S I M Z Y M X B Z B J G Y X C E Q F C S I Y L C H Y A Y I S S K N G G E P C R H M V L P Z F V U L G X L G U T R K T M S P K F Y C W G Y H B P D G U V J S Y B Z E S N W O G C F V F O K W G C Z BLANKETS BOOTIES CARDIGANS DRESSES GOWNS HATS MITTENS SUITS TEDDIES Crocheted baby jumper I used baby dk and 4mm hook Chain 35. Foundation row: Miss 1st chain and dc into each chain First Row: 1ch dc into each dc. Repeat last row twice. Next Row: 2Ch miss 1 dc, then 1tr into next dc. *miss one dc and 2tr into next dc, repeat from * to end Next Row: 2Ch, 1tr into first pair of trebles, 2tr into each pair to end of row (17 pairs) Repeat last row till 9 treble rows have been worked Place marker at each end of row and work a further 2 rows in pattern. Next row:work until 8 pairs of trebles have been worked, turn. Work 4 rows in pattern on these stitches.(ending at sleeve edge) then work to last pair trs, turn, slip stitch to 2nd pair of trs and work to end (6 pairs) Miss one pair of trs at base of neck shaping and join wool to next pair of trs. Work as for other side, reversing shaping. Fasten off. Rejoin wool to left side of neck edge and chain 10. Secure to other side of neck shaping, so chain spans back of neck. Secure and fasten off. Join wool at beginning of row (sleeve edge) and work across 6 pairs of trs in pattern, then work 2 trs in every other chain (5 pairs) and then across remaining 6 pairs of trs. (17 pairs) Continue in pattern for 7 rows and then place markers at each end of row. Work 9 further rows in pattern. Next Row:1ch, dc into each stitch to end Repeat this row 3 times and then fasten off. Sleeve: With right side facing, rejoin wool at the marker and work 2 trs into each row until you reach next marker. (15 pairs) Work 7 further rows in pattern. Next row: 1ch, work 1 dc into each stitch (30dc) Decrease row: dc2 tog, * 2dc, dc2 tog. Work from * to end of row. Next Row:Work 1dc into each stitch Repeat decrease row and fasten off Repeat for other sleeve