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Knitted Hooded Wrap

Using 4ply yarn and 3.75mm or 4.00mm needles (whichever you're more comfortable with) cast on 4 stitches.

1st row: k1, yarn forward , k3

2nd row: k1, yarn forward, k to end

Repeat second row until the edge of the work measures 12 inches Next row; k1, yarn forward, sl 1, k2 tog. psso, k to end.

Repeat this row until there are 4 stitches left, cast off.

Cast on again as if to start another blanket but when the side edges of the triangle measure 3 inches, cast off your little triangle.

Place it in the corner of the 12 inch blanket you have just made so it forms a little hood. Sew the sloping sides of the triangle and blanket together.


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