Cuddles Knitted Hats
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Knitted Hats.
Cuddles Knitted Hats
CUDDLES Basic knit hat

Use 4ply washable yarn and size 3Ύ mm [old size 9] needle.

X-small prem
Cast on 36 stitches
1” ribbing
2½” stocking stitch
Total length =3½”

Small prem
Cast on 40 stitches
1” ribbing
2½”-3” stocking stitch
Total length =3½”-4”

Medium prem
Cast on 44 stitched
1” ribbing
3”-3½” stocking stitch
Total length =4”-4½”

Large prem
Cast on 50 stitches
1” ribbing
3½”-4” stocking stitch
Total length =4½”-5”

X-large prem
Cast on 58 stitches
4½” ribbing
Total length =5”-5½”

Full term
Cast on 66 stitches
1” ribbing
5”-5½” stocking stitch
Total length = 6”-6½”

After knitting the piece to the approximate size, draw all the stitches together tightly at the top by weaving the yarn through all the stitches on the needle. Fasten securely and stitch the seam.
Optional:You might like to add a small pom pom or twisted thread bow at the top.

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