Cuddles Crocheted Baby Cardigan

(This is worked across from the sleeve edge)

Back and sleeves:
Using DK yarn and a 4mm hook, chain 16.

Foundation row: Work 1 DC into 2nd chain, and 1 DC into each remaining chain (15DC in all) 1 chain to turn.

First row: 1DC into each DC of previous row. 1 chain to turn.

Repeat first row 5 times. 3 chain at end of the last of these rows.

Next row: 1 TR into each stitch of previous row.

Repeat this row 9 times.


Chain 21. Work 1 DC into 2nd chain from hook, and each of the next 4 chains. Work 1 TR into each of the next 15 chains, then work in TR across the TR of the previous row.
Turn Work 16 more rows in this way, keeping 5 stitches at the hem as DC and the remainder TR.

Second sleeve:

Work the second sleeve to match the first, noting that the last 6 rows will be DC.
Fasten off.


First front:

Work as Back and sleeves until you have worked 4 rows of the body.

On each of next 4 rows: TR 2 tog at neck edge, TR to end.

Button band: Work 3 rows DC. Fasten off

Second Front:

Work as first front to the button band, then add the buttonhole band:

First row: DC to end

2nd row: 2DC, * 1DC, 1chain, miss one stitch, 4 DC*, repeat from * to * 4 more times, 3 DC. 1 chain to turn

3rd row: DC across

Stitch shoulder and side seams.

Neck edging: Working from the right side, beginning at the top edge of the front 14DC across the button band and neck shaping, 15 DC across the back of the neck, and 14 DC across the neck shaping and buttonhole band. Fasten off.

Add buttons to correspond to the buttonholes.


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